I know that "thinking" and "Facebook" don't usually go together, but let this be a reminder that you should THINK before you LIKE.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge in England analyzed just the "Likes" from 58,000 Facebook profiles in the U.S.

And they discovered statistically significant connections between what you Like and your personality, habits, sexuality, politics, and more. Here are the 15 weirdest things they found.

#1.) People with high IQs like curly fries. And also Morgan Freeman's voice.

#2.) People who are satisfied with life are more likely to like "Indiana Jones" and swimming.

#3.) People who are unhappy are more likely to like iPods.

#4.) People who are extroverted are more likely to play drinking games, like beer pong and flip cup.

#5.) Competitive people are more likely to be fans of Julius Caesar, Nietzsche...and for some reason, the handicapped character Timmy on "South Park".

#6.) Neurotic people like Kurt Cobain.

#7.) Old people LOVE Dr. Oz.

#8.) People with lots of friends are more likely to shop at Dollar General and be fans of Jennifer Lopez.

#9.) People without many friends are more likely to be fans of In-N-Out Burger and Iron Maiden.

#10.) Straight men are far more likely than gay men to get CONFUSED when they wake up from naps. (We know, because apparently straight men are more likely to Like a Facebook group called "Being confused after waking up from naps." Seriously.)

#11.) Single people are far more likely to be fans of Usain Bolt than people in a relationship.

#12.) People whose parents are still married are more likely to be fans of Gene Wilder than people whose parents are divorced or separated.

#13.) People who use drugs LOVE Martin Lawrence in the "Big Momma" movies.

#14.) People who don't do drugs clearly have another vice...they're most likely to Like sour candy, milkshakes, and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

#15.) Non-smokers prefer "Rocky" and Hondas...smokers like Rob Zombie and wearing Under Armour.

(USA Today / PNAS.org)