I think I have a pretty accurate warts and all look at Lubbock. I'm not the guy to blow smoke up your rear and tell you everything is great; I'm going to tell you where the greatness tends to show itself.

Sometimes I walk out in my backyard at about 3 a.m. I'll just stand there and marvel at a clear Lubbock night. Sometimes when I take a big old breath I smell the feed yards and vomit in my mouth a bit.

You see, you have to really enjoy the good and try to dismiss the bad. Lubbock has a lot of good, but you have to look for it.

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    Even the Bad Traffic Isn't Bad

    Let's start with the fact that a lot of people in Lubbock can't drive. It's true. Those small town folks move to Lubbock and still run around like they live in a town with one traffic light.

    Still, we have very little traffic. Instead of it being a daily occurrence, maybe once a month an accident will bring things to a stand-still, but that's about it. Trust me, that constant stop and go and/or crawling traffic that other cities have to deal with will make you insane.

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    The Sky

    From beautiful sunsets to being able to see the stars at night, Lubbock has so much sky. It's one of those things that you don't even realize you have until you don't have it anymore. I suggest you grab a margarita and watch the sun go down some evening. It's pretty impressive.

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    Other Than the Dirt, It's Pretty Clean

    Lubbock actually is a pretty tidy town. It still may not be as clean as you like, but there's not a ton of litter (probably because the wind blows it away). There's also very little graffiti, dilapidated buildings (not counting Citizen's Tower) or other things that can give the town a junky look.

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    The People

    In Lubbock, people don't seem to go out of their way to be hateful. The illusion that we all get along helps us all get along. It's not the best case scenario, but it's a good start. We do have our fair share of judgmental, racist and homophobic folks, but at least they'll be nice to you in public. With that said, there's always hope that they'll forget to be mean altogether.

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    The Regional Cuisine

    You probably take chicken friend steaks, fajitas, barbecue and big burritos for granted, but you shouldn't. There are a lot of areas of our country that can't handle the spice or the smoke that goes into Lubbock cuisine. Sure, we share a lot of this cuisine with a lot of our neighbors, but you can't blame them for having good taste.


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