Nostalgia is a powerful thing. It makes you think that some things were a lot better than they were. Let's just think about the old days in Lubbock. Well, the old days brought us no shopping on Sundays, police raids on head shops and burlesque shows, the sometimes sketchy "strip" and more.

I personally remember the old days as being much darker and more dangerous than times are now. So I've compiled a few things here that people like to talk of fondly while conveniently leaving out the downside.

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    Showplace 6

    The theaters off of University and The Loop kind of inspired this list. I cannot remember a time when these theaters weren't sketchy as hell. When I think of the foyer of that place, I now think of a fire hazard.

    Ending its days as a dollar theater doesn't help those memories of the Showplace 6 actually being a last-ditch place to go see the movies.

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    Stubb's Barbecue

    Let's get real for a second here. The original Stubb's was tiny. If you don't believe me, go look at the footprint of the building at 108 East Broadway.

    When Stubb's reopened in a nice spot 19th and the Interstate, the magic didn't translate for some reason, possibly because all those artists he helped get started had moved on.

    I'm not diminishing the man or what he did for others. I'm just saying the actual venue wasn't all that it was cracked up to be.

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    The FMX/Buffalo Beano Kite Fly and Frisbee Fling

    Yeah, I got the balls to put one of our own events on here.

    The original Kite Fly & Frisbee Fling was a drug and alcohol-infused free-for-all. It's great that we got people out to fly kites, fling Frisbees and check out the Frisbee dogs. But the fact is, there were more people stoned or drunk out of their minds than people engaged in all the other activities combined.

    I still remember a drunk guy falling inside a giant speaker. Crazy times.

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    Putt Putt Golf & Games

    Sorry guys, but Putt-Putt was a pretty half-ass mini-golf course. It was small with very few fun features, just mostly plain golf holes that you had to approach at weird angles.

    And what about those go-carts? Well, the last time I was in one it was like being in a shopping cart with one bad wheel going down hill. Inside the place, they made an attempt to be nice, but you just can't keep a place looking good with that many kids and teens passing though it.

    And then in 2016 some people burned it to the ground.

  • 5

    The Depot Warehouse

    There were SO many legendary shows at the Depot Warehouse. Just think of any band from the 80s and early 90s and they played there. Just think of that long bar with all the ticket stubs in it.

    Also, right next door Einstein's could make you a great sandwich or you could catch another band there. Now that you're all geeked up on nostalgia, I want you to think of that tiny hall that led to the bathrooms. If there was a portal to hell on earth, that was it.


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