It's crazy how insulated Lubbock can be. In the old days, Lubbock was a test market because marketers could drop something smack in the middle of the town and not have to worry about it getting out anywhere.

I guess it's all part of that Texas mentality that we can just take care of ourselves. It leads to trends, behaviors and attitudes that are somewhat exclusive to the area. Not all of these are good, though.

Here are six trends we can either improve or drop altogether.

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    Yep, look at that beastly monster. It's all wrapped up in its cocoon, unable to move or go anywhere. In fact, the picture shows a cocoon inside a glass cocoon. That's just like Lubbock folk: not getting out, not experiencing life, hanging around the house, maybe throwing a garage get-together once in a while, but generally not leaving the house.

    It's actually a bit of a national trend, but Lubbock, no doubt in part due to shaky weather, just doesn't make "going out" a priority. Even when Lubbock folks do go out, they tend to go out to watch TV together (UFC, football games).

    Sure, they hit the new restaurants when they first come to town (as written in no. 2), but after that it's back to the casa. This all goes back to something I've written about before: the lack of a nightlife in Lubbock.

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    The Chain Restaurant Phenomenon

    Nothing gets the hometown folks stirred up like a new restaurant. The problem is, Lubbock folks tend to like the ones they've heard of before. They then overwhelm the places when they first open for about two months, then near completely abandon them.

    Anyone else remember when there was a DOUBLE line around Jack In The Box, or when Steak 'n Shake had a two-hour wait? And that's just fast food places!

    Image: Taco Bueno
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    This Haircut

    This haircut, currently known online as the "Can I speak to the manager?" haircut is so awful that even Kate Gosselin no longer sports it.

    Not only is the haircut going to be looked back on like the 80s Flock of Seagulls haircut is now, the trend of "blonde highlights" looks awful. Go to any store in Lubbock and you'll see packs of women shopping in sweatpants with this haircut. It needs to go.

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    Too Much Truck for No Damn Reason

    Many of you are always hauling something. It might be feed, or it might be just helping your friends move. And there are many who just have a big truck and know how to drive it.

    The problem is, there are a lot of people who just have too much truck for their skills. They can't park them, they can't drive them and they have no need for them.

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    The Call for Tornado Sirens

    Someone always brings up tornado sirens this time of year (maybe because it's tornado season). Let's get this clear: I'm all about safety, but you're dealing with a problem in a 1950s kind of way.

    How about a City of Lubbock tornado app for smartphones? I'm on the Texas Tech warning system and it never fails. Trust me, even in the homeless village there are people with smartphones.

    victor zastol`skiy
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    One-Sided Politics

    We are never going to get anywhere if all we ever care about it one opinion. Lubbock is one of the most conservative places in the U.S. That would be fine, but what happens next is all that people can fight over is who is more conservative, and the end of that discussion is someone who does nothing at all.

    Sorry, but streets have to be fixed and street lights have to be on, and it takes somebody who isn't 100 percent conservative to decide that a little investment is worthwhile.


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