'The Walking Dead' is currently in the middle of its third season, and NationalPost.com has put out a VERY comprehensive chart of every single zombie that has been killed onscreen on the show so far.

They also tracked the number of kills for each cast member, how each zombie was taken down and they presented all of this chronologically. Here are some of the numbers that came out of it:

Overall, there have been 347 onscreen zombie deaths in the 27 episodes that have aired so far.  Rick has the most kills with 84, followed by Daryl with 41.

The most effective weapon of choice has been a FIREARM. 113 zombies were eliminated with a handgun, and another 44 were taken out with a shotgun.

Meanwhile, 20 were killed with a knife and 18 were done in by a crossbow bolt. Nearly 40 different weapons have been used, including a GOLF BALL, which killed one zombie.

You can check out the complete chart at NationalPost.com.  NOTE:  The site also lists the main characters who were zombified...and then killed...so if you're still catching up with the show, this would be somewhat of a spoiler.

Season Three resumes on February 10th.  Here's a trailer for what's to come.

By the way, Vulture.com put together a two-minute video of all the zombie kills so far this season. If you have the stomach for it, you can watch it here:

Also, did you know that Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) is actually BRITISH??? I didn't until I saw his bio on IMDB.