Aaron Collins died last week in Lexington, Kentucky at age 30.  He didn't have any money to leave his family, but he left them a last request in his will.  As of now, there are no reports on how Aaron died.

Aaron wanted them to all go out to eat together and, quote, "leave an awesome tip . . . and I don't mean 25 percent.  I mean $500 on [an effing] pizza.'

The family created a website called aaroncollins.org and collected online donations to raise the money.  On Wednesday, they met at Puccini's Smiling Teeth in Lexington for lunch.

They ate their pizza, and at the end of the meal, they gave the waitress a stack of cash.  She fought back tears, asked what the guy's name was, and shared the giant tip with the kitchen.  (Two very classy moves by the waitress.)

The family has already gotten ANOTHER $500 in online donations . . . so they're going to do it again.  They say they'll keep the site up and do it every time they hit $500.

Video of the tip is on YouTube.  They give the waitress the cash at 1:12.