I'm not sure why this needed to be studied, but at least Australia's tax dollars supported it, not ours.
Tullia Jack is a researcher at Melbourne University, and she found that if you wear the same pair of jeans for three months...they don't smell that bad.
Tullia had 30 volunteers wear jeans five days a week for three months without washing them. The volunteers spilled all kinds of things on their jeans, including tuna, avocado, motor oil, and chocolate.
After the three months were up, the volunteers gave the dirty jeans back to Tullia, and she SMELLED them. She said she could smell eggshells and caramel, but, quote, "The jeans don't smell socially challenging. They just smell like people."
Tullia is doing the study to challenge society's culture of "extreme clean" and save water by reducing the amount of laundry. She said, quote, "You really don't need to wash clothes as often as you think. Stains come and go. They just WEAR OFF."
About half of the volunteers had a rough patch between three and six weeks, where they didn't think they could keep wearing the jeans without washing them.
But they stuck it out, and some said they wanted to keep wearing their dirty jeans even after three months. Some even stopped washing their shirts and other items of clothing.
Tullia plans to put the 30 pairs of jeans on display at the National Gallery to let other people smell for themselves.