When researchers ran this diet study, I doubt they had the holidays on their mind. But their results came out JUST in time to keep you from gaining a massive amount of weight this month...maybe.

The University Hospital in South Manchester, England has figured out a new diet style, and it sounds like the PERFECT way to manage holiday parties, meals, and gravy.

They found that if people significantly cut carbs just two days a week, it's more effective for weight loss than trying to cut calories every day.

They had one group in the study eat a 1,500-calorie-per-day diet. The other group ate their normal diet, except twice a week, they didn't eat any carb-heavy foods like bread, pasta, potatoes, or rice.

And they found that people who cut carbs just twice a week lost almost TWICE as much weight in four months as people who just tried cutting back a bit every DAY.

So how can this apply to the holidays?

Go ahead and have some really ridiculous meals, but during those days of the week when you're NOT at parties or dinners, cut out carbs and you could have your least bulky Christmas ever.