Anthony was born without his right leg.  But that hasn't stopped him from becoming a superstar amateur wrestler.  And over the weekend, he won the NCAA championship in his weight class.

He wrestles at 125 pounds...that's the lightest possible weight class in college wrestling, and he kinda has to be there since he doesn't have the weight of two legs.

He started wrestling at age 14, and taught himself how to perform moves, balance, get leverage, and maneuver himself against opponents all of whom had two legs.  And he taught himself QUICKLY.

Anthony won a national championship as a wrestler at his high school in Mesa, Arizona.  But because of his missing leg, the scholarship offers didn't exactly come pouring in.  ASU finally offered him a partial scholarship.

He's had a great four-year run for them.  This is his senior year and he went undefeated:  36 wins and zero losses.

After he won the national title, Anthony announced that his wrestling career is over and he's planning to become a motivational speaker.

(Yahoo Sports)
Check out this video about Anthony and his journey: