'Rolling Stone' polled their readers to come up with a list of The Best Vocal Performances in Rock History.  The results came out yesterday.  Here's the list:

1.)  "Bohemian Rhapsody",  Queen . . . sung by Freddie Mercury, with a notable assist from drummer Roger Taylor on the high notes in the operatic part of the song. (Watch this video and you'll see why Freddie is HANDS DOWN the best that ever lived. This one too. The call-and-response at 4:11 might be one of the greatest live moments in the history of rock & roll.)

2.)  "The Great Gig in the Sky",  Pink Floyd . . . sung by female vocalist Clare Torry

3.)  "Twist and Shout",  The Beatles . . . sung by John Lennon.  It was originally recorded by The Isley Brothers.

4.)  "Love Reign O'er Me",  The Who . . . sung by Roger Daltrey.

5.)  "River Deep, Mountain High",  Tina Turner

6.)  "Stairway to Heaven",  Led Zeppelin . . . sung by Robert Plant.

7.)  "Gimme Shelter",  The Rolling Stones . . . sung by Mick Jagger, with a gigantic assist from backup singer Merry Clayton.

8.)  "Child in Time",  Deep Purple . . . sung by Ian Gillian.

9.)  "Where Did You Sleep Last Night",  Nirvana . . . sung acoustically by Kurt Cobain during their infamous "MTV Unplugged" concert in 1993.  It's an old folk song that's also called "In the Pines".  It dates back to at least the 1870s.

(Kurt credited the song to folk singer LEAD BELLY, who recorded several versions of it in the 1940s, including the arrangement that Kurt sang.)

10.)  "With a Little Help from my Friends",  Joe Cocker.  It was originally recorded by The Beatles.  Joe's version later became the "Wonder Years" theme song.

You can find brief write-ups on each vocal performance at RollingStone.com.  There are also YouTube clips of the songs.  WARNING:  Some of the videos are from live shows, and contain uncensored profanity.

Is there a song you think SHOULD be on this list?  It doesn't have to be a classic rock song.  Or do you have an issue with any of the songs that did make the cut?  If so, leave a comment in the Facebook widget below  and make your case.