A lot of rock stars have a reputation of being demanding, short-tempered, jerks. Especially the good ones. And "LA Weekly" just put out a list of the ten BIGGEST "D-bags" in classic rock history.

Not ALL of them were terrible human beings. Some made the list because, in the writer's opinion, they did things that helped DESTROY rock and roll. I almost guarantee you'll be offended by some of these.

Here's the list.

1.  Frank Zappa.  Because all he did was complain about society and the state of rock and roll, without actually offering any solutions. And his main goal was always to come across as smarter than everyone else.

2.  Carlos Santana.  Because he cared more about money than he did about music.  Case in point, he has a line of footwear at Macy's called "Carlos by Carlos."

3.  Phil Spector.  Because he only cared about money, and didn't advance rock and roll in any way. Plus...he KILLED A WOMAN.

4.  John Lennon.  According to the writer, his songs were "simple-minded", and his persona was "chronically phony." Also, most people don't know that he was physically ABUSIVE to some of the women he was with.

5.  Bruce Springsteen.  Because he plays up the idea that he's a run-of-the-mill "meathead" from Jersey. And every time he tries to be socially conscious, he's really just being opportunistic.

6.  David Crosby.  Because most of the people he worked with ended up hating him. And he also drank himself into needing a new liver in 1994.

7.  Lou Reed.  Because he put out a TON of music in his career, but only a tiny portion of it is any good.

8.  John Fogerty.  Because he's sued basically EVERYONE, including the other members of Credence Clearwater Revival. And then he wouldn't let them play at their Hall of Fame induction.

9.  Bob Dylan.  Mostly because he plagiarized a lot of stuff. His vocal style was also stolen from a bluegrass singer named Carter Stanley. Joni Mitchell once said, quote, "He's a plagiarist, and his name and voice are fake. Everything about Bob [Dylan] is a deception."

10.  Jerry Garcia.  He was hugely influential when it came to jam bands. But he wasn't actually that good of a guitarist. And obviously he was a huge DRUGGIE.

 (You can read the full article here.)