Call it pork season! Corporate Dietician with United Supermarkets and Market Street announced a great contest happening right now at all United locations. United has teamed up with Smithfield Fresh Pork. Smithfield will being giving away 50 gift cards worth $100 that will be good at any United. All you have to do to enter is purchase Smithfield pork products. Pretty easy and delicious.

Duby also talked about incorporating pork into your meals this holiday season. In the video above, Duby gives some great tips on what pork products to eat this season and how you can use it to eat healthier.

Duby also says that you shouldn't be afraid of a little pink in pork and that too often people overcook pork. Duby said to use a meat thermometer and make sure that the pork reaches 145 degrees.

Check out the video above for more about the contest and what to do with pork!

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