Based off my hours of reading Reddit, Facebook, an unofficial Complete Pokemon Go Guidebook and personal experience, here are Lubbock's 10 best Pokemon hunting spots in no particular order.

  • 1

    Texas Tech Campus

    Pokemon generate more frequently with higher cell data usage. So as soon as students are back at Texas Tech, it's going to be ON like Digimon. There's also a ton of public art, so PokeStops galore.

    mackie_b, reddit/Google Maps
  • 2

    Mackenzie Park

    Grassy fields and parks are great for finding Forest types and, thanks to Joyland, electric types, too. Bonus: There's a gym here.

    mackie_b, reddit/Google Maps
  • 3


    The downtown area is full of landmarks, making it a great spot to accumulate Pokeballs and eggs. Also, low traffic is a bonus, just be sure to have buddies at night.

    mackie_b, reddit/Google Maps
  • 4

    Maxey Park

    A park with lots of water means Forest and Water types. There's a gym near at the water statue.

    mackie_b, reddit/Google Maps
  • 5

    The Depot District

    Again, many landmarks and therefore Pokestops. You can also battle at a couple well-placed gyms, including the Buddy Holly Statue.

    mackie_b, reddit/Google Maps
  • 6

    Ranching Heritage Center

    Not only a great place to catch 'em all, a lovely place to wander around aimlessly anyways.

    mackie_b, reddit/Google Maps
  • 7

    Kingsgate Centers

    I just caught Pikachu in the Lonestar 99.5 studio twenty minutes ago. There's a ton of data usage in this general area, resulting in a high rate of Pokemon spawning. Plus, there's a PokeStop near the PeiWei and Chocolate Mousse Pie Bar.

    mackie_b, reddit/Google Maps
  • 8

    Lubbock Christian University (But Beware!)

    A lot of trainers hunt around LCU, resulting in a high spawn rate. But DO NOT hunt there after dark or security with kick you out. The grounds are for students with IDs only at that time.

    mackie_b, reddit/Google Maps
  • 9

    Mae Simmons Park

    Dunbar Lake at Mae Simmons park means you might actually get a water type in Lubbock.

  • 10

    Resthaven Cemetery (Don't Be Rude!)

    UPDATE: Resthaven Cemetery has had its "Pokemon Go" PokeStops removed after several incidents involving players coming to the location to catch Pokemon. May we suggest Clapp Park instead?

    mackie_b, reddit/Google Maps

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