There's always something to talk about in Lubbock. Great places to eat, holidays, ghosts and more. We at Kool 98 decided we'd break everything down for you and give you the Best of Lubbock so far from what we've done. If there's anything you want us to investigate or dive into, let us know!

  • Best Foreign Food Places in Lubbock

    We gave you our list of some of our favorite foreign food restaurants in Lubbock. You sounded on too on air and online and the great debate still goes on today.

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  • Perfect Last Second Christmas Gifts in Lubbock

    Many holiday shoppers like to wait until the last absolute moment to go buy Christmas Gifts. Well Kool 98 has you covered if your shopping in Lubbock.

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  • South Plains Fair Survival Guide

    The South Plains Fair is always the highlight of Kool 98's year because we get to eat tasty fair food, ride the fantastic rides and hear some of the best music around. We just made this nifty little survival guide so you can have as much fun as we do.

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  • Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving

    There's quite a few of our listeners that enjoy going out to eat on Thanksgiving. There's not too many places open on Turkey Day so we break down the best that always are.

  • Suspected Haunted Places in Lubbock

    This is one we want to dive into more but there are many places in Lubbock that are suspected to be haunted. We could honestly make about 50 of these posts about haunted places and we might just do it.