Christmas Tree shopping is a longtime family tradition to many of our listeners in the city of Lubbock and across the world. It's the time of year that the family jumps into the car and all go out to pick out that one tree that will really make their Christmas experience perfect. It's the first thing that the kids will rush to when they wake up on the 25th and the one thing that really transforms their home into holiday season ready.

Some readers insist on the real deal while many will opt for a fake tree to last them years. No matter what side of the fence you're on, there are plenty of places that you can find your tree to make this Christmas season perfect. Here are our top five places to shop for your Christmas tree in Lubbock.

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    50th & Memphis

    Sutherland's always has a great selection of both fake and real Christmas tress for your shopping needs. You can find one of the biggest selections at Sutherland's.


    Monday - Saturday: 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM

    Sunday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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    Ace Hardware

    34th & Quaker

    Ace Hardware will be an easy stop for you this Christmas Tree shopping season thanks to their quick and helpful staff. They'll be stocked with both real and fake trees for you to find. Easily one of the best selections of fake trees this season. Or, if you're the do it yourself man, you can pick up your own saw to cut your own tree down at Ace.


    Monday - Sunday: 7:00AM- 11:00PM

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    Lowe's Family Center

    82nd & Slide

    The Lowe's Family Center on 82nd and Slide is your one stop shop for Christmas. It's a great place for you to pick up you Christmas tree (real or fake) and to get all your decorations and food for the holidays.


    Monday - Sunday: 7:00AM- 11:00PM

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    TG Trees

    118th & Frankford

    TG Trees will offer up one of the biggest selections of live trees in Lubbock this Christmas season. TG is known for their continued excellence in their landscaping and will be known for their great variety and selection in Christmas trees this year. Make sure you make the short drive south to find your tree.

    TG Trees
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    Tom's Tree Place

    34th & Slide

    Tom's Tree Place holds the title for the oldest landscaping company in Lubbock and they stock Christmas Trees year round. You could go get yours today if you wanted! Tom's Selection will be vast and all the trees they carry are large and healthy. You won't find a bad tree at Tom's Tree Place and your Christmas will be the biggest and baddest with a tree from Tom's.

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