Lubbock has no shortage of restaurants. Mexican, Italian, Burgers and BBQ, there is always somewhere you can get your grub on. While there are plenty of different places to eat, there are only a few places that really cook some fantastic home style cooking. Here's our list of the best places, in no particular order, to get home style cooking in Lubbock.

  • Cast Iron Grill

    Located inside the 18th and K building, Cast Iron Grill serves up some of the finest food in Lubbock. From specials like Meatloaf and Pot Roast to delicious desserts; everything on the menu is like mom made. And take our word, get the fried green beans.

  • Lubbock Breakfast House

    Yes, they're better known for their breakfast, but the dinner selection at the Lubbock Breakfast House makes you feel at home. It's not dinner at the breakfast house, it's supper. Next time you're in there, make sure you give their dinner a chance. You won't be disappointed.

  • Red Zone Cafe

    The Red Zone Cafe is the newest establishment on the list but it has already quickly grown into a city wide must for lunch and dinner. You can chow down on their specials or order one of their many fantastic dishes off the menu. If you don't have time to cook at home, then check out what everyone else already knows about at the Red Zone Cafe.

    Red Zone Cafe
  • 82nd Street Cafe

    It's an institution for great food here in Lubbock and has been for many years. The 82nd Street Cafe offers up some of the best home cooked meals in the city of Lubbock. Not to mention, they also have the world's best onion rings. Get them as an appetizer and then pig out on their great daily specials.

  • The Ranch House

    It's where the city of Lubbock chows down for lunch. Their specials include Chicken Fried Steak, Roast Beef, Fried Chicken, Stuffed Bell Peppers and so much more. Their food is so good that your own mother might be there asking for the recipe. That's no lie.

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