Bob Dylan will perform at the GRAMMYS on Sunday.  It'll be part of a "tribute to acoustic music," which is cool and all…but it also raises one important question: Will this mark the return of “The Soy Bomb”?

During Dylan's performance at the GRAMMYS in 1998, someone named Michael Portnoy stormed onto the stage, shirtless, with the words "SOY BOMB" written on his chest.

The Soy Bomb, as we prefer to call him, just danced around, weirdly, while Dylan continued performing "Love Sick"…until he was eventually led off-stage.

If you're curious how he was there to begin with, here's the story:  The GRAMMYS hired him to stand in the background with some other dancers to bob his head and give Dylan's performance "a good vibe."

Obviously, the GRAMMYS had no idea he would use that opportunity to rip off his shirt and morph into The Soy Bomb.  That was a surprise for everyone!  You can find video of this insanity, here: