Slumber Saturday!
I enjoy Saturday. I like to sleep in, then brew a pot of coffee and start my day. Usually around noon I am ready to go do whatever I can think to do. Not the case on this particular Saturday.
Smokey and The Bandit!
"Sir, the reason I stopped you today is that you were speeding. Is there an emergency or a reason for your speed?" Really?! I ask you, is there a reasonable answer to that question that will get anyone out of a speeding ticket? How about, "I haven't had a ticket for anything i…
Long Tall Texan Talk
"I'm a high straight in Plainview, a side bet in Idalou and a fresh deck in New Deal....." Chances are if you are from the South Plains you've heard this Maines Brothers tune. And a whole lot of other Texas talk such as fixin ta, might could, waller, and maybe even frog strangle…
Girl Leaves Desperate Voice Mail To Guy [VIDEO]
Check out this voice mail that a girl named Dominic left for a guy she had just met that night named Ryan. She seemed way too eager to be talking into a voice mail of a guy she had just met that night. Maybe she really liked the guy or maybe she let the booze get the best of her. Click through to he…

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