Pole Dancing for Jesus — Yes, It Really Exists [VIDEO]
Move over, oil and water: A local FOX affiliate in Houston, TX, has discovered a new phenomenon that will have everyone scratching their heads.
It's called -- wait for it -- Pole Fitness for Jesus, a bi-weekly program in which women dance on a stripper pole set to Christian music.
Sounds like an oxy m…
Puppies Devour Food in Record Time [VIDEO]
Six little rescued puppies show just how fast food lasts when it's dinner time. Take a look at the adorable rescued puppies below, and Click Here to find out how you can give loving homes to animals in need here in Lubbock. Click through to see the video.
Is This The Worst Song Ever? [VIDEO]
A 13-year-old girl named Rebecca Black posted a music video on YouTube last month for a song called "Friday," and it's so bad, it's becoming a sensation on YouTube. Some people have been calling it the worst song ever written. Which is a bit of a stretch, but you decide. See the …
A Man Was Arrested for Stabbing Someone Halfway Through a Haircut
I’m totally in this one for the mugshot. This week, 20-year-old David Davis of Stamford, Connecticut was at an apartment getting his massive afro cut and braided. During the haircut, he got into a fight with someone in the apartment. He got arrested. Which is good for us because the mugshot t…

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