Stupid Fights All Couples Have
Oh the joys of being married!  No, really!  There are joys to being married!  There are also ridiculous arguments that between married couples – such as how to properly install a new roll of toilet paper (the end piece goes over, NOT under – duh!)
Cupcake Kid gets Exactly What he Wants
Little kids are just the cutest things...the stuff they say, or the way they do something, or even if its them picking out their own clothes for the day! They are just hilarious.
Family Boredom or Family Bonding…
What do you do when you are with family?? Do y'all sit around and just talk or do you do what we do and make up crazy challenges that will be so much fun! You have to check out the funny/crazy things the guys come up with! Family boredom at its finest!

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