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Cooking With Rach
This is the first of many recipes I will be doing! Each week (every Wednesday) I will have a recipe up that I have done or tried! Now I am not the greatest cook but I have really gotten the hang of things now and I'm trying to put myself to the test! So each week be looking out for Cooking with…
Do You Know who Matt Harvey Is?
Derek Jeter, A-Rod, Nelly Cruz, Adrian Beltre, Ian Kinsler, and Yu Darvish....Just some baseball names you should probably know, but Matt Harvey, yeah I will definitely know who he is now!
Pinterest is Taking over My Life…
Some women, Ok some, alright all of them are addicted that an app on their cell phone. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, or the worst of them all Pinterest,
Wrestling’s Doink the Clown Has Died
Matt Osborne...wrestling's original Doink The Clown...was found dead in his home in Plano, Texas on Friday. He was 55. Police said his death appeared to be accidental, but they launched a homicide investigation anyway.

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