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How Much Would You Bid on a Date with Betty White?
How much would you pay to go on a date with 91-year-old Betty White? Because this is your chance: A "date with Betty" is being auctioned off on eBay, with the proceeds going to charity. As of this morning, the current bid was $5,100.
You must Spell “Knaidel” right
Thursday night was the Spelling Bee and all eyes were on 13 year old, Arvind V. Mahankali. Did he spell the word right...Was it a tough one for him...Did he win??? These are the questions you are probably asking yourself right now!
Townsquare Media, The American Red Cross and Lubbock Area Schools need your help for More for Moore, OK!
Every little bit helps!
A Texas Tech Grad gets a Wonderful Surprise
Everybody knows when May comes around it’s a time to celebrate graduation. Whether it be your child graduating from kindergarten or your young adult graduating from a University…whichever one it may be it’s supposed to be a happy time.

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