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A Texas Tech Grad gets a Wonderful Surprise
Everybody knows when May comes around it’s a time to celebrate graduation. Whether it be your child graduating from kindergarten or your young adult graduating from a University…whichever one it may be it’s supposed to be a happy time.
Karaoke Gas Pumping…
People will do just about anything to get stuff free...But what if you just had to sing some random song to get your gas for free! Would you do it?! I know I would even though I can't sing to save my life.
Dancing with the Stars-2 out of 3 Ain’t Bad
Dancing with the Stars is getting pretty intense...well I think so, but Monday and Tuesday of this week show was awesome. All the Stars are just getting better and the competition is just getting heated more.
Australian Baby Learns How to Water Ski
You know most babies are just learning how to crawl or say their first words or even how to feed themselves. Well Ryder, a cute little 7 ½ month old baby is learning…you saw the title…how to water ski. This cutie is from Queensland and his parents posted this video showing that …

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