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The White House Will Not Deport Justin Bieber
Almost 274,000 people signed that petition on the White House's website, asking that Justin Bieber be deported. As per the White House's own rules, any petition that gets over 100,000 signatures warrants a response.
Cupcake Kid gets Exactly What he Wants
Little kids are just the cutest things...the stuff they say, or the way they do something, or even if its them picking out their own clothes for the day! They are just hilarious.
Comedian David Brenner Dies
David Brenner (pictured second to the left, next to George Carlin), a comedian who appeared on NBC's The Tonight Show more often than any other guest, has died.  ABC News Radio reports Brenner was 78 years old.
Brenner passed away in New York City surrounded by his children, according to th…

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