Birthday Cake Donuts are a Thing! [Video]
As most of you know by now, we here at KISS are lovers of all things food. So when Renee Raven got hungry after a break we hit the vending the machine.
That is when we saw it! Birthday Cake Donuts!
And here is what happened!
Lyft Rides Will Soon Come With A Taco Mode [VIDEO]
I travel a lot so I've used Lyft and Uber many times. Love them both. But now Lyft is aiming to steal a large part of the ride market with their new Taco Mode which will drive you through a nearby Taco Bell on your way.
The Kiss Krew Tries the Miracle Berry! [VIDEO]
So, what is a Miracle Berry?
They help make sour, sweet, savory and spicy items taste sweeter and enhance the flavor of foods.
Myself, Renee Raven and The Heathen decided to give it a try. Here we go!
Be on the Lookout for Bad Beans [Recall]
Nothing says summer like the taste of baked beans, but how would like a possible side of botulism with those?
The folks at Bush's Best, makers of Bush's Baked Beans, have issued a voluntary recall of a number of products. Why? The cans might be defective...

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