Did You Know That Boleo Was in a Tejano Music Video?
Yes, it is true! Last year at this time I was honored to be asked to participate in the video for Devin Banda’s "Yo No Soy Asi."
At that time, I was working for a local Tejano station on the morning show. I had gotten to know LOTS of Tejano artists very well, in…
Boleo’s Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Songs
Everyone has that guilty pleasure song. The song that is not something that you might normally listen to.
I listen to a WIDE variety of music from pop to rap to punk and industrial. (And everything in between!)
So I thought I would share my top 5 guilty pleasure songs with you...
A Couple of Guys Wrote a Song About Lubbock [VIDEO]
This is the greatest song ever! Ok the greatest song about Lubbock ever! Ok the greatest song about not liking Lubbock ever.
Daniel Davis and Josh Duggan wrote a funny song. Don't go getting all pissed off. It's funny. Laugh a little today...

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