Landon Rescues His Mom Using the Heimlich Maneuver
On this day in 1975, the American Medical Association endorsed use of the Heimlich Maneuver, the technique developed by Dr. Henry Heimlich, to aid people choking on food. Coincidentally, I had to use it to save my mom's life last night!
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Here at Kool 98, we're in the Halloween to speak. The website is crammed full of Halloween goodies like a kids plastic pumpkin on the big night! You'll find AWESOME costume ideas, recipes, music and much, much more when you click the 'Ghoul 98' link at the top of the …
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Queen is Putting Together Their Own Tribute Band
Roger Taylor is the drummer from Queen. And he's got a problem with a lot of the Queen tribute bands out there: THEY'RE NOT GOOD. So he and the other remaining members of Queen have decided to take matters into their own hands and hand-picking their OWN tribute band. That way, Taylor sa…
Netflix May Have to Pay $100,000 for Qwikster Twitter Account
Chances are good at least one “d’oh!” was uttered in at least one Netflix conference room Tuesday morning.
It seems the company, which on Monday announced it would split up its service and rebrand the DVD-delivery side Qwikster, neglected to lock up the name on Twitter. Now Jason Castillo, who’s owne…

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