Last Wednesday I didn’t do a recipe but this week I was really excited for it! Now Omar and I have been “gardening” well at least trying. We have Okra that isn’t really growing, the tomatoes are dead, the cucumbers are slowly but surely growing, but the Jalapenos are amazing!

So with this week I made Pasta (of course) but I had a little help from the Driver (FMX)!!! Driver you are Awesome for bringing me the Zucchini and Squash they worked perfect!

This is a pretty cheap and simple dinner! I’d say it was perfect...Now don't judge the final picture, it tasted awesome!!



-2 Chicken breasts (cubed)

-1 box of bowtie pasta

-1 squash (cut into halfs)

-1 zucchini (cut into halfs)

-1/2 of an onion (or less)

-1 celery stick (cut into small pieces)

-3 tbsp. of Olive oil

1. Cook Olive Oil, celery and onion until it is tender


2. Cook pasta (as directed)

3. Once the Olive Oil, Celery and Onion are good; add in the Chicken breast, squash, and Zucchini and turn on high heat and constantly stir until its fully cooked. (In mine I put some garlic powder and basil leaves to give it more flavor)

4. When the pasta is cooked add it all together (I had a lot of juice in with the chicken so I just drained some of it!)

5. Dinner Time! And Enjoy!