The Dog Days of Summer are in full swing and the voting is heating up. Week one is going to be a big race to the finish but week two should be even bigger. You can now submit your photos for the second week of voting in the Dog Days of Summer Contest, beginning Monday, August 20th.

If you have already submitted a photo of your dog then you won't need to worry about uploading it again. Your photo will carry over into week two of voting.

Once our voting ends on Friday for the first week of the Dog Days of Summer everyone goes back to zero. The new week of voting will begin Monday Morning with everyone except for the top vote getter going back into voting. Once you are the top vote getter, you won't be into the vote again until the final round for the grand prize.

New entries for week two will be accepted until Sunday, August 19th, at 11:59PM. Submit your information and upload your favorite photo of your pup, below.