One of the great things about radio is the abundance of free food people bring to us.

Most of it is pretty good. Some of it is barely edible. We usually don't's food and it's free.

It takes something special for me to think something is so good that I should write a blog about it. I mean, it takes forever to write these things and I've got a lot of goofing around to do today. But I digress...

Domino's dropped off a few of their new 'Artisan Pizzas' to us today and they are SPECTACULAR! They were all tasty, but the standout pie is the 'Spinach & Feta'. It's on a delicious thin crust that's like nothing I've ever had before and the mozzarella and feta blend perfectly with the spinach. Even if you don't care for spinach, I'm betting you'll like this pizza.

The box is even signed by the dude or dudette that makes your specific pizza! Ours was prepared by Seth. Good job Seth!

Also, did you know that the Domino's Facebook page has 3,802,006 fans? Good lord!

Go be a fan and get special offers through their page! Here's the link to order online.

Not that you need a a coupon or anything, they're only $7.99 right now.

Here's Jessica grabbing a slice:

If you see Seth from Domino's, tell him we said 'thanks'!