On a recent drive around town, it the growth was pretty obvious. From the liquor stores found on just about every other block, to the parts of town that don’t even look the same.  In fact, some places look like a whole new city.

My journey began on 82nd street and traveled north on Milwaukee to 4th street. WOW! Not to mention east on 4th to Sharp freeway to avenue Q and then back opposite on the freeway all the way back to Milwaukee.  Talk about a feeling of being in a big city.

I remember when I lived in Wolfforth and 82nd street from Frankford west was two lanes and cotton fields on both sides of the road. Now I just sound like an old man!

With growth come new opportunities for business and more entertainment options for consumers.  It’s a really neat and exciting time in our little Hubbaplex.  If you haven’t in a while, drive around and see for yourself.

Luck me, I live in Lubbock…and I love it!