In the February 17th issue of "Rolling Stone", Elton John is publicly outing Billy Joel as an alcoholic, and asking him to get help. Read more and see two great videos featuring these music legends on the next page.

This wouldn't be the first time Billy has gone to rehab.  He spent a month in a California facility in 2005 and he was also treated for alcohol abuse in Connecticut in 2002.

But Elton says Billy is at the point where he needs to step it up, and go through a more hardcore rehab program like he did.  He says he wants Billy to do it so that he can, quote, "do something better" with his life.

Elton also says he knows that Billy is going to "hate" him for saying this in "Rolling Stone", but he says he's doing it out of "tough love."

Neither Billy nor his reps have commented yet.

Back in 2003, Billy said, "I can abuse alcohol, if the demons get me, I'll go on a bender.  It's happened to me before.  That's why I went into rehab.  I was on a binge.  I was on a bender.  And I said this is stupid.  I gotta stop.

"And I went and I did stop.  And I've learned to recognize what those signs are.  Everybody can abuse alcohol. Anybody can drink too much.  But I've cooled that out."

Here's a video of Elton and Billy talking about how they met. This video also includes their duet on Joel's "Piano Man":

And here they are doing "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road":