Facebook has really cornered the market on making sure everything they do comes off as both CREEPY and PRIVACY INVADING.

Yesterday, Facebook made a major announcement about a new search engine. And yes, it's designed to stalk you. It's called Graph Search, and it's not quite like Google. Instead, it searches everyone's interests, hobbies, and social history.

For example, you could search for something like, "Which of my friends like hiking?" Then it would dig through all of your friends' profiles for people who talk about or post photos of hiking, and let you know.

Or you could say, "Where should I eat when I visit Des Moines, Iowa?" And it will search for friends, friends of friends, or others who've posted about eating in Des Moines and give you recommendations.

It sounds both useful and creepy. Which could really just become Facebook's official motto at this point. "Facebook:  Both useful and creepy since 2004."

Graph Search is open to a handful of people now, and will roll out to everyone over the next few months.


Here are a ton of sample searches you could do.