Facebook has 161 million users in the U.S., and 900 million worldwide. That's a HUGE network, but up until now, they've shied away from using their influence to support causes or charities.

That changed yesterday: Facebook has announced that they want to encourage people to donate organs.

They want people to add their organ donation status to their profile, along with their birth date and other personal information.

The idea is to create positive peer pressure, and get friends to sign up to be organ donors.

If all that sounds too 'Big Brother' for you, consider all the random, personal stuff you ALREADY shovel onto Facebook, that no one even cares about.  And consider that 7,000 people die each year waiting for organ transplants.

The place where you go to change your profile's donation status doesn't seem to be live on Facebook yet.  But when it is, it'll appear with the rest of your bio in a section called 'Health and Wellness'.

This video breaks down all sides to the Facebook organ donor story, including a full explanation about how the feature works: