There's a new list of 36 things you probably don't know about "The Simpsons". And if you're a DIE HARD fan, you probably know all of them. But there are a few that we hadn't heard before.

Here are the Top Five:

1.  They chose the name "Bart", because it's an anagram of the word "brat".

2.  Smithers was originally black, which you've probably noticed if you've seen the third episode, "Homer's Odyssey." But after that, they made his skin yellow, because they didn't want Mr. Burns ordering a black guy around all the time.

3.  Paul McCartney agreed to be in an episode called "Lisa the Vegetarian" in 1995 on the condition that Lisa would CONTINUE to be a vegetarian for the rest of the series. And she has.

4.  According to a family tree that creator Matt Groening made, Homer and Mr. Burns are distant relatives through marriage. Homer's great-great-great-grandfather's sister was married to Mr. Burns' great-great-grandmother's brother.

5.  God and Jesus are the only characters that have had five fingers. Everyone else has four.

(You can check out the full list, here.)