Obviously the main benefit of buying wine in a BOX is that it's cheaper. And you get a lot more, so it's good for parties...as long as your friends won't make fun of you.  But here are four OTHER reasons you should buy boxed wine.

#1.)  It Stays Fresh Longer. Ideally, you should finish a BOTTLE of wine within 24 hours after you open it.  After that, it starts to go bad.  But boxed wine comes in a bag that shrinks when you pour from it, so it stays airtight.

Boxed wine stays good for at least a month or two...which should be plenty of time, unless you're a REALLY light drinker.

#2.)  There's No Chance of "Cork Taint". Yes, that's an actual term.  Some wines go bad BEFORE you open them, but there's no way to tell until you do.

According to one expert, about one in 30 bottles of wine are tainted.  If you've ever gotten one, you probably drank it and didn't even realize it.  But there's zero chance of it happening with boxed wine.

#3.)  Cardboard Boxes Don't Shatter. That's why they're good if you're bringing wine to an event, like a barbecue.  (Or if you plan on getting hammered and knocking stuff over.)

#4.)  It's Better for the Environment. A five-liter box of wine has over six-and-a-half bottles in it, so it requires way less packaging.  Plus, most wine bottles aren’t made of recycled glass.

Here's a link to the best box wines according to Epicurious.com. And HERE'S a link to purchase some online.