The great beach-y vibe at Tropical Smoothie is half the fun, but the smoothies and the food are terrific as well.

They have great, healthy exciting combinations in their wraps, sandwiches and flatbreads, superfood smoothies and supercharged protein smoothies.

I’ve visited Tropical Smoothie Cafe in other cities and really loved it. The food is good and the prices are reasonable. You can get some special deals with the cutest flip flop on your key chain and plan to feel like you’ve had a mini-tropical vacation whenever you stop in.

According to Lubbock in the Loop, Tropical Smoothie Cafe is expected to open in December or January. When I stopped by to take these pictures, I was able to catch one of the plumbers leaving who said he thought they might be ready to open soon.

I’ve reached out to their corporate office, but was unable to get a definitive answer on an opening date. We'll keep an eye on this. But Tropical Smoothie Cafes in Lubbock is great news!

The two new locations will be at 2520 82nd Street and 5139 80th Street.

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