We are down to the last four in our bracket showdown for Texas Tech's greatest athlete of all time.

Sheryl Swoopes has finally met her match...maybe. She has won by at least 85 percent in each round. She's dominated her way through the basketball quadrant, but now she meets Wes Welker. For as much as Texas Tech basketball has done, football reigns supreme in Lubbock. Welker has a legit shot at taking down the Number 1 seed.

The second matchup is Sally Kipyego and the other person running roughshod through the bracket, Zach Thomas. If there was ever an underdog, it's Sally Kipyego. It's a good thing Kipyego is a distance runner, because she'll need to outlast Thomas to beat him.

Vote for who you think should advance to the championship round below.

Matchup 1

Matchup 2