I got to meet, and shake hands with, and take pictures with Burt Reynolds! Legen...wait for it...dary! And there's a story behind it you probably don't know. But I'll tell you.

In addition to being on Awesome 98, I'm also on KFMX's morning show The RockShow.  Back when Awesome 98 was Kool 98 and was run by Landon King, he gave me a magnet of Burt Reynolds's famous almost-naked picture. A picture of that magnet is here:


That magnet now, and since 2009, is stuck on the back of an old CD player in the FMX studio. I look at it every morning when I do The RockShow.

heathen again

So when I got to meet the man in person I was, to say the least, exploding with joy gooze. And he is a sweet and gracious and awesome guy.

I talked with him for almost five minutes and even shook his hand. At which point, I instantly grew a mustache. Then, we took BFF pictures together.