I don’t know where I fit in the category of Lubbock drivers that seem to be so famous, the world over. I’d classify myself as “defensively aggressive”. Yeah, that sounds good. But let’s get real here, there are some pretty basic things people don’t do while driving that absolutely drive me nuts.

The one that really gets me is stopping while turning right at an intersection when you clearly have the right away as indicated by the right turn green arrow. Ugh!  That just seems to me like an absolute asking-for a rear ending.

And of course, just about every major intersection in the city now has double left turn lanes.  I always stay in the far left one, that way I’m insured that the fellow in the far left lane won’t wander in to my right lane and cut me off on the turn.

I won’t even get started on trying to cross a major street at an uncontrolled intersection…I can feel my blood pressure rising now!

Let me hear about your pet-peeve’s the road over.

Until next time, I’ll see you on the radio!