It's easy to get burned out by over-commercialized holidays this time of year. A lot of stores already have the Christmas stuff next to the Halloween aisle. And some people have beef with Halloween anyway, because of the whole pagan thing.

Luckily, there's an alternative: Jesus Ween. Jesus Ween is, quote, "The most effective Christian outreach day" and "A Christian gift giving festival." Also, you're supposed to wear white.

It takes place mainly on October 31st, but there's an online festival of sorts until November 15th. They have a website at, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account.

It was started by Pastor Paul Ade, who runs a church in Calgary, Canada. He started Jesus Ween in 2002, when he gave out Bibles to kids who came trick-or-treating on Halloween.

According to Paul, Halloween is, quote, "An activity that doesn't have anything to do with Christians. And I think many Christian families are not knowledgeable to what it's all about.

"Halloween is not consistent with the Christian faith. Many people say they feel uncomfortable on that day. We think people should choose an alternative activity."

But it's basically just an outreach day for Christians. They're not trying to hate on Halloween or kill anyone's buzz.

According to their Facebook page, quote, "If you are not a Christian, just go on with your Halloween. Jesus Ween is strictly for Christians."

Although their website DOES have a mission statement straight from the '80s when Tipper Gore thought Dee Snider and Twisted Sister were turning your metalhead teenager into a Satanist. Check it out:

Quote: "Every year, the world and its system have a day set aside (October 31st) to celebrate ungodly images and evil characters while Christians all over the world participate, hide or just stay quiet on Halloween day."