A Portland, Oregon woman came home Monday night to find an intruder in her house. So she did the logical thing and called 911.

Little did she know, the intruder had beaten her to the punch.

Worried the returning homeowner would shoot him, Timothy James Chapek -- who had just helped himself to a shower in the bathroom -- had already dialed 911, admitting he had broken into the house, and requesting help from the emergency service.

When help did arrive, police arrested the 24-year old Chapek for trespassing. Read on to hear both calls.

UPDATE! Yeah, He Just Got Arrested Again
On Wednesday, the world learned about 24-year-old idiot burglar Timothy Chapek of Portland, Oregon.
That's because on Monday night, Timothy broke into a house, got scared when the owner came home, locked himself in her bathroom, and called 911 ON HIMSELF. He said he was taking a shower and was afraid the owner had a gun.

He was arrested for trespassing, but that wasn't enough to hold him, so he was released.

And just after midnight on Wednesday, Timothy was arrested for the SECOND TIME this week.

The police in Chehalis, Washington got a call from the local Walmart that there was a theft in progress. When they got there, Timothy was in the parking lot loading stolen items into the trunk of his car.

At least they thought it was his car. See, in between his arrest and release on Monday, and his arrest on Wednesday, Timothy had broken into a BMW dealership in Beaverton, Oregon and stolen a 5-series BMW.

He's been arrested again and charged with…well…everything.