What about the "old" folks that ratted you out when you were causing mischief down on the square? Oh, the cruel joke life plays on us! Funny, how you grow up to be the very people you despised as a young person.

Ever met your friends for lunch and thought, this sounds like a scene from the movie "Grumpy Old Men". "Max: He doesn't know the meaning of pain! Phil: I got a pinched sciatica that makes your lumbago look like eye strain. Max: I had a gallstone the size of a...." Well, you get the picture.

Grumpy old man syndrome seems inevitable. Coffee shops everywhere are full of them. And though I may be one (some day) I say, Grump at the young folks if you wish old fellers,  but we do live in a world where the Queen of England is about to get a grand daughter in law who has scooted down a runway in her lingerie! (Holy Moly!) And if you don't like the music, turn down the old hearing aids! And thank God, for good meds!