If you've ever won a prize from KOO98 and came to claim it, you know that we don't exactly have the express version elevator in our building. Sure, it doesn't take much to ascend or descend three floors. 

But the speed of the elevator is really not my point.  There are elevators in buildings all over the city. It’s the way we sometimes get on the elevators that has me irritated.

Here is a short lesson in elevator etiquette…First, if you are waiting to get on the elevator, please be patient. Upon the opening of the elevator door, do a quick inspection of the car to make sure no one or a group of folks are waiting to de-board the elevator.  At that moment, it is safe for you to enter and be on your merry way.

Should there be people waiting to get off the elevator, allow them time and space to do so.  Different levels in buildings look different, so at first glance; they may appear to be confused.  This will pass very quickly.  By allowing them the time and space to exit, it will prevent an unusual and awkward moment of “togetherness”.  Or won’t make you come off as the person who “bum-rushes” at the elevator.

Until next time, I’ll see you on the radio  … and maybe in the elevator!