Just so you know: Joe Walsh doesn't 'get' all this new-fangled 'technology' (like computers and stuff like that) and he isn't thrilled to have some '10-year-old smart-a$$ tell him what to do.'

Joe has released an amusing song called 'Analog Man', which is all about his alienation from the digital age. It's streaming at JoeWalsh.com.

You can also hear it in this audio player:

It's the first single from his album of the same name. It comes out on June 5th and will be his first solo album in 20 YEARS. The last one, 'Songs for a Dying Planet', came out in 1992.

Joe also played on 'Long Road Out of Eden', the album that the Eagles released in 2007.

And just because they're so fun, here are the lyrics to 'Analog Man':

"Welcome to cyberspace / I'm lost in the fog
Everything's digital / I'm still analog
When something goes wrong / I don't have a clue
A 10-year-old smartass has to tell me what to do.

Sign on with high-speed, you don't have to wait
Sit there for days, and vegetate.
I access my email, read all my spam
I'm an analog man.

The whole world's living in a digital dream
It's not really there, it's all on the screen
It makes me forget who I am
I'm an analog man.

I'm an analog man in a digital world
I'm gonna get me an analog girl
Who loves me for what I am
I'm an analog man.

What's wrong with vinyl / I think it sounds great
LPs, 45s, 78s
But that's just the way I am
I'm an analog man.

Turn on the tube / Watch until dawn
100 channels / Nothing is on
Endless commercials / Endless commercials / Endless commercials.

The whole world's glued to the cable TV
It looks so real on the big LCD
Murder and violence are rated PG
Too bad for the children / They are what they see."

Ironically, the song wasn't recorded in analog. It was all done digital.

Joe Walsh fans: What do you think? In my opinion, it's a GREAT song...and sadly, it does speak to me a little more than I'd like it to.

Do you embrace technology, or are you a stubborn 'Analog Man'?