Some quotes from an old John Lennon interview with the "Village Voice" have surfaced and in them, John said that it was ROUGH getting through recording The Beatles' last album, "Let It Be".

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He said,  "We were going through hell. We often do. It's torture every time we produce anything.

"The Beatles haven't got any magic you haven't got. We suffer like hell anytime we make anything, and we got each other to contend with. Imagine working with the Beatles, it's tough. There's just tension.

"It's tense every time the red light [in the recording studio] goes on."

John also called "Let It Be" a "strange album" and added, "We never really finished it.  We didn't really want to do it. Paul was hustling for us to do it. It's The Beatles with their suits off."

The tape of the interview had been lost in the writer's New York home for four decades, but it's going up for auction.  It's expected to sell for up to $10,000.  (The interview was conducted just after they finished the album.)