Its always nice having a three day weekend. What did you do for your Labor Day Weekend…BBQ with the family, go out to the lake, or just be lazy?

This Labor Day Weekend for me was very different to say the least (I think so)…I helped move stuff into storage and sort of relaxed. Omar’s Mother and little brother moved to San Antonio so it was very sad for us!

But Monday was Omar’s Uncle’s birthday…so you know what that means! Family BBQ with is Uncle and Aunt’s family!

So Monday evening we are all just hanging out and of course the boys go shoot the guns (but in the out skirts of Shallowater) and Omar’s cousin sees Doves everywhere. Common sense stuff right here but he shot it and I can’t believe I’m saying this but we ate it! Now I’ve never eaten Dove before so this was definitely a first for me and something I can cross off my bucket list!

I thought I would capture this great time of Omar’s cousin eating the Dove…

(please excuse me being grossed about the whole thing)