I'm very proud to once again be the emcee for the annual "Feats of Strength" fundraiser benefiting the National MS Society. Feats of Strength is the brain-child of a few of my most creative friends and we have an absolute BLAST putting it on each year at the 34th Street Oyster Bar!

It will take place Saturday, April 16 with the first event beginning around 7pm.

Make sure to watch NewsChannel 11's "I Beat Pete" this week as we try to beat him at our own game!

I spoke with Pete this morning about the challenge. Here's the audio:

Here's footage from the "I Beat Pete" challenge in my backyard:

Now, I'm fairly sure you have no idea what Feats is all about. Well, let me enlighten you!

You surely remember the Seinfeld episode when George's father introduces us to "Festivus". You may also remember that one of the Festivus traditions was the "feats of strength". These always made George cry. Here's a "Festivus" video to refresh your memory:

Our Feats of Strength traditions are a little different than the Costanza family's. We have competitive Hula Hooping, Arm Wrestling, Rock-Paper-Scissors, and...ALL-NEW this year...Angry Birds! Each "feat" costs just $5 to enter and all the money goes directly to the MS Society.

Here's our awesome poster:

By the way, you can enter as many of the events as you want. You can also donate more than $5 when you enter. Or you can just give us your donation and be a Debbie Downer and not play a single game. Whatever. We really just want to raise as much money as possible for the MS Society.

We're all confident that the biggest draw this year will be our "Angry Birds" game. This thing is awesome!

Here it is leaning against my fence in my backyard:

This whole contraption is about 10-feet long and 4-feet high with beautiful artwork from Feats board member, Jamie Brock.

We tried it out yesterday and we are all now addicted to it! It's a BLAST!

All you do is sit next to your competitor in chairs that are set up 10-feet away from the board. You take a styrofoam "bird", load it into your slingshot...and BOMBS AWAY! You try to knock out as many "pigs" as you can in one minute! (The "pigs" are on pieces of paper that we put behind the holes in the board.)

On the off chance that you have no idea what "Angry Birds" is, it's an "app" for the iPhone. As a matter of fact, it's the single most popular app in the Apple store. Just ask any iPhone user and they almost certainly have this game. More time has been wasted with people playing this game than just about anything I could imagine.

Anyway, here are a couple of videos that give you an idea of what "Angry Birds" is all about:

You can play the game for free HERE. It's in Chinese, but you'll get the idea.


April 16th @ 7pm

Lone Star Oyster Bar on 34th & Flint

To benefit the National MS Society...and to see me host a bunch of dumb games in a tuxedo