It's spring-cleaning time again. But if you want to take it a step further this year and actually IMPROVE your home instead of just cleaning it, here's a small fix that can make a big difference. And won't break your budget!

Replace Those Old Doorknobs!

As a matter of fact, you should replace the hardware on your doors. New doorknobs and hinges cost about $5 each, but they can make a big difference.

Need some help finding just the right knob for your door? Here's a website with THOUSANDS of them to choose from! Or you can just go to your closest hardware store.

I can tell you that it's incredibly easy to switch out doorknobs and hinges. I did it myself on every single door in my house just last month...and I had NO IDEA what I was doing!

99% of doorknobs and hinges are 'standard', meaning that they're universal and can be used on any door. Just take a measurement of your hinges and doorknob diameter before you head to the store.

(Men's Health)

Still worried that you won't be able to navigate this do-it-yourself job? Check out this handy video:

According to Stephen Fanuka...the host of 'Million Dollar Contractor' on the Do-It-Yourself Network... it's like putting chrome on your car. The difference is, new doorknobs look fine on a 20-year-old door. But chrome on a 20-year-old CAR looks stupid.