That's right my non-Texas friends, Texas is like a whole other country (as the ad used to go). And we do indeed have our own language. least our own dialect.

You want to drive a guy from New York crazy??? Tell him you're fixin ta do something. Then sit back and watch the conversation unfold.....

"What are you fixing?" I'm fixin ta go get a coke. "I'd love a Coke!" Well, y’all c'mon then. And then what fun to pull up and order a Sprite.  "I thought you wanted a coke?" I said I was fixin’ to go get a coke, don't you speak English? "Yes, I do but fixin’ isn't a word and a coke means a Coke!"

Well friend, maybe it does where you come from but you're in Texas now and there is one thing you need to remember.....You can always tell a Texan but you can't tell him much.